Practice Areas

Family Law

Family matters are often emotionally charged, volatile, and potentially destructive to everyone involved. Unfortunately, it is often the most innocent members of the family who are victimized the most during a legal dispute.Read More

Business Formation

Decisions about business formation – whether you are making an initial decision at the start of your business or you are in the process of making a change in an existing business – is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.Read More

Real Estate

A real estate attorney can be a valuable resource any time you are involved in a real estate transaction. Working with an attorney experienced in resolving complex real estate issues, including purchase and sale disputes, eminent domain issues…Read More


Mediation is an efficient and effective means by which to settle legal disputes outside of the courtroom. It is not right for every dispute, but in many cases, it can offer a solution for those who want to avoid the expense and frustration of litigation.Read More