Real Estate

A real estate attorney can be a valuable resource any time you are involved in a real estate transaction. Working with an attorney experienced in resolving complex real estate issues, including purchase and sale disputes, eminent domain issues, construction claims, landlord-tenant disputes, prescriptive easements, claims involving adverse possession, title issues, and anything else involving real estate can help you avoid a long, expensive legal battle.

Real estate attorneys can assist you with negotiating, interpreting, drafting, and enforcing contracts, leases, and subleases. They can provide resources that will make avoiding a legal dispute possible, and they can help you defend your rights if a dispute does ensue.

Unfortunately, there are instances in which settling a real estate dispute in the courtroom is the only option. An experienced New Jersey real estate attorney can represent an owner, landlord, or tenant in litigation, and help them achieve the best possible result.

The average person, regardless how experienced he or she is in real estate, ignores some of the most common pitfalls in contracts. Inevitably, this will come back to haunt them and could potentially create devastating consequences. An experienced New Jersey real estate attorney like Steven Greenberg can help you protect against legal issues, minor and major.

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