Mediation is an efficient and effective means by which to settle legal disputes outside of the courtroom. It is not right for every dispute, but in many cases, it can offer a solution for those who want to avoid the expense and frustration of litigation.

Mediation can be used in a variety of situations, including civil disputes, family disputes, and business disputes. Disputing parties have the option of choosing the mediator to facilitate the process, and if it is important to them, they can choose someone with a thorough understanding of the legal issues that affect their situation.

Many people enjoy the confidentiality of mediation. The process and the resolution are private, so unlike litigation, there is no need to worry about strangers sitting in on the process or the media covering anything associated with the dispute.

Finally, mediation is one of the most cost effective options for settling a dispute. It takes less time and involves fewer formalities, so disputing parties are free to set their own terms and control the process, and therefore the cost.

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